Modular Booking Tools

All travel products that Vuelandia offers, are also offered in a modular environment. Vuelandia developed multiple tools like VuelandiaFlights for flight tickets, VuelandiaHotels for accommodations and VuelandiaCar for car rental. Each of these products can be purchased in a modular setting. This is not just interesting for travel agencies that sell individual products like tickets or hotels, but also when you want to add individual products in your own current environment.  A significant value when making a connection to our complete database is the fact that you can sell this to third parties in your own look and feel.

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Flight Tickets up to 180 IATA destinations

700.000 hotels & accommodations from 42 hotel suppliers

Highly well-known partners Like Enterprise, National and Alamo

11000 destinations over 120 countries worldwide

Unlimited offers out of the total travel product supply

A combination of regular and/or low cost airlines and hotels

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