Terms and Conditions of Vuelandia

When you make a reservation, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

1. Reservation contract Vuelandia can make a reservation for you and provides this service on behalf of you. They then produce a contract between you and the service provider you choose. Vuelandia itself is not a party to the final agreement. Vuelandia by example can make bookings for individual airline tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms and insurance. After finalizing the order you can no longer make use of the legal right of withdrawal, since it is impossible for services relating to accommodation and transportation. This means that you cannot terminate the contract without a charge. Vuelandia is not liable for the correct execution of the through its reserved services. These apply to the service providers, such as the airlines or hotelies. These conditions can be obtained directly from the service provider. Vuelandia is of course responsible for proper handling of its services. You are responsible for providing the information that is needed in order to establish a proper reservation and carry out. These include the provision of appropriate passenger names, e-mail address, telephone number and the like. You are also responsible for having in possession of the correct and valid travel documents (passport, visa, vaccination certificates). Please note that the visa may also be necessary for the country where you make a stopover or transfer. Vuelandia is not liable for any discomfort or consequences arising from it when not in possession of the correct travel documents. The person making the reservation must be 18 years or older. By making a reservation through Vuelandia, you agree to the applicable terms and conditions.

2. Payment
2.1 Direct payment You can pay directly to us via iDEAL or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX) sofortbanking and Mister Cash. Prevention of credit card fraud you need to provide the correspondence address of the bank known address of the card holder. In some cases, we will request additional information about the credit card. You can think of sending a copy of the passport and a copy of the credit card.

3. Delivery
3.1 After making a reservation and the full amount is paid, we will proceed to delivery of your tickets or vouchers from other related services. The ticket is an electronic ticket or voucher, which will be sent by email to your specified email address within 24 hours after payment.
3.2 Vuelandia always retains the right to invoke within 2 days after reservation at the quoted rates. This will occur through computer malfunctions or unexpected changes in airport taxes and security surcharges (security taxes). Where the total amount of your booking will come unexpectedly higher, the reservation may be canceled free of charge if you make the reservation yet definitive for the higher price means an additional charge.
3.3 The right of withdrawal is excluded for services relating to accommodation and transportation. This means that you cannot terminate the contract without charge. If you want to cancel your booking, we charge 45 euros administration fee per person if the tickets or hotel vouchers not have been issued. If this is the case then you are still bound by the cancellation of the airline, in many cases this is 100%. 3.4 In the global reservation systems are sometimes (combinations of) airlines offer which it is not possible to issue an e-ticket as these airlines have no ticketing agreement with each other, or because they are not official IATA member airlines. In these cases an employee of our contact center within 48 hours of booking contact you to discuss possible alternatives. Vuelandia reserves the right to refuse these bookings and refund the prepaid amount.

4. Liability
4.1 Vuelandia, in its work to comply with the care of a good contractor.
4.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, Vuelandia accepts no liability for actions and / or omissions of the service (s) involved, nor for the correctness of these service providers (s) information. Vuelandia bears no responsibility for photos, brochures and other information.
4.3 Where Vuelandia yourself accountable is inadequate and the traveler suffers damage, liability is limited to a maximum of 25% of the invoiced services. ‘Consequential damage is excluded.
4.4 Vuelandia is not responsible for any promises made by its staff and / or third parties which expressly deviate from these conditions or in the terms of the responsible service conditions stated, unless such commitments subsequently confirmed in writing by the management of Vuelandia .

5. Check your current schedule for departure It is possible that the airline make a change in the itinerary. The airline is entitled to do so to do this at any time, but you should provide an alternative. From service perspective, we will schedule these changes as soon as possible to send your specified email address. We are not liable if the e-mails cannot or do not reach on time. If there is a schedule change occurs on the day of departure, you must keep in mind that when the flight departs later, the original check-in time of the original flight is maintained. You can always look on the website of the airport for updated departure information.

6. Cancel / Change Any cancellations or changes to the assignment (s) may only on weekdays and only at the request of the client take place. If a cancellation takes place at the request of the principal of, or changes to, existing reservations of the related costs will be charged. Next by the service charged cancellation or change fees, also 45 euro fee per person per event will be charged. Please note that the passenger may only change for him or herself. The party leader can change the entire trip and / or cancel. Any cancellation must be submitted by e-mail. This should be done no later than 3 working days after the event but at least 2 working days prior to departure. This cancellation must be made by the person who made the reservation. In all cases, you must wait for our acknowledgment of your cancellation request, indicating that your cancellation is received by us and processed by us. You can advance our help desk to ask what the cancellation or change fees from the airline. You can also see this in the booking process. In most cases these costs are 100%, which means that a refund is not possible. Do you want a flexible ticket, please ask our support for the possibilities. Flexible tickets usually have (much) higher rates. If you do not cancel or if you have not taken out cancellation insurance under the terms of your cancellation, then the (substantial) penalty for their own account. If the cancellation on your ticket are not 100%, we can submit the ticket for (partial) refund from the airline. The ticket (except for electronic tickets) must be filed within one year after the original departure date for cancellation, otherwise the ticket has expired and can no refunds are granted. The amount to be refunded will be paid to you once we have received the amount of the airline. This takes an average of 8 to 12 weeks, but may in some cases be made considerably longer (6 to 12 months). If you cancel indeed according to the conditions of your cancellation insurance, then the insurance company pays the cancellation. The amount to be refunded will be remitted to you once we have received the amount of the insurance company. In case of a refund on the tickets in accordance with the terms of the airline, then it refers to the amount of tickets including airport taxes, but excluding handling or reservations fees, ticket surcharges and any other products that you have purchased from us.

7. Some key delivery of air carriers In the framework of advice and information we give some important delivery to below the standard which all airlines:
7.1 Return tickets as one way of a return ticket, you cannot just use the journey: If you are not using the outward journey, is automatically canceled your return by the airline!
7.2 Boarding departure airport as booked, you should always step in at the airport of departure as you have made: you can never get in half at an airport where you make a change. Doing so, the airline is entitled to the rate difference for the route you through to be taxed.
7.3. Ages of children and babies. Children 2 t / m 11 years old and babies 0 t / m 1 year at time of the outward journey (if the baby during trip two years may apply different rates, on this call our helpdesk).
7.4 Transport Obligation. An airline has an obligation to transport passengers with valid tickets and travel to and from destinations such reserved. The airline is not obliged to deliver meals before, during or after the flight. It depends on your destination and the (charter) company where you are flying with, or meals and drinks or cannot be offered on the flight. Should not be free refreshments served on board, you often have the option to buy in-flight snacks and beverages. This is for their own account. Also, the airline is not required to offer an overnight stay at a transfer destinations in case of long transfer time.

8. Disputes Complaints about a booking made by Vuelandia have until one month after the reserved service or, if the trip did not take place, named for one month after the original departure date in the travel documents are submitted to the Vuelandia customer service. In case of disservice from direct provider like an airline, we ask you to contact them directly.

9. Low-cost airlines You should take into account that most low-cost airlines charge fees for carrying baggage. Hand luggage is usually included as long as the size of the bag to meet the guidelines of the relevant low-cost airline. Nowadays, you usually need to be specified in advance or hold baggage is taken. With the omission of which are at the airport check-charged significantly higher rates. Most low-cost airlines do not refund if you cancel your flight. However, it is possible to change the airline ticket at a cost, and a possible rate difference. Ryanair you should check in advance at home. This is free of charge. If you do not pay at the airport for Ryanair € 60, – per person, each way. You’ll receive your booking confirmation email with all data and the check.

10. Departure Tax Some airports and airlines do local departure tax, particularly in the Far East, Central and South America and New Zealand. No distinction is made between low-cost carriers and scheduled airlines. This departure taxes are not levied by Vuelandia, but separately at the departure airports commissioned by the local authorities.

11. Preferred Seat If an airline technically allows and there is a direct link with our system, it is possible a seat preference (seat number) through our reservation system. This seat preference can never be guaranteed.