Which Travel Booking Software can help you further?

Travel Booking Software with a modular or ‘all-in-one’ theory at the heart

Travel agents expect more and more from reservation systems: a smart interface, fast, flexible data, and of course an extensive and excellent selection of products. For this Vuelandia developed travel software, including ‘dynamic packaging’. This software gives you access to a wide range of products which can be used in the travel business separate like hotel only, or use together as a package trip, including flights, transport, accommodation and other services.

The reservation system is considered one of the most important tools when organizing tours and set the base for travel agents selling travel products and suppliers offering travel products, because this is the place were business comes together. Dynamic packaging software makes it possible to sell multiple travel products from multiple suppliers in one system. This solution is needed for travel agents to sell a wider range of products and to create customized packages.

The variety of different business models also needs a number of requirements , it must be an efficient and smooth online booking process with automated payment processing, including easy access to management and administration information.
We have the most effective techniques to increase the response time when showing large amounts of data. Our Travel Software includes various products for direct access to sell worldwide flights, hotels, transfers, city trips, packages and much more.

We are more than willing to talk with you! Our biggest challenges in reaching our goal is “No nonsense, can do mentality ” . We are led by technology innovation and concept development for travel business-cases.

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