API/XML is nothing more than smart data communication between data of your company. It gives you the opportunity to easily exchange and/or integrate supply data in your own environment. For example, in case you want to contact a specific supplier of Vuelandia, but you do not need the IT tools, you can easily make a real-time connection. This means: automated processes with cost reduction as a result.

Benefits of our API/XML-solution:

  • XML integration offers one connection, and one mutual point of interest for multiple suppliers
  • We deliver a multi-platform offering all service as well as low cost airlines and hotels via XML
  • You do not need to process multiple different suppliers anymore, same goes for handling individual commercial relationships
  • Because of our accurate stock acquisition, we are able to offer the best prices and availabilities
  • Easy in use, in different languages and currencies
  • It gives you the possibility to activate your own suppliers and contracts
  • We offer a specialized XML support team to help you while integrating the system
  • An account manager will be appointed to you, in order to help you out with sales as soon as the XML connection is online.

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