Travel Navigator

A platform that offers nearly everything, including flight tickets, accommodations, car rental, excursions and entrance tickets but also give access to their network of destination management companies. Taking into account developments in the current market, we are able to act as a facilitator like a department store when it comes down to providing diverse tools/platforms, products, or a combination of these two. The Vuelandia Travel Navigator is the independent online department store for travel related products, in which ease, transparency, acquisition benefits and custom fit get combined in just an eye blink. The Travel Navigator is by far the best system for entrepreneurs to work with.

The Vuelandia Travel Navigator offers you all instruments needed on one platform. A system that is easy to work and which can be used to fulfill the demands in order to organize your trip. The Vuelandia Travel Navigator can also be custom designed which results in a perfect match between the system and travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies, retailers and communities.

Accurate stock acquisition

With the help of this system, we are able to share and connect all our permanent partners, however you are given the opportunity to link your own partners under a Whitelabel as well. Because of our accurate stock acquisition with trustworthy businesses, we can offer you the best prices. Not unimportant, these prices are net prices, of which you yourself, as a travel organization, can determine the right margins, in which we will respect your existing commission agreements.

Benefits of the Travel Navigator

  • All travel products on one platform
  • If wanted, it is possible to custom design your style (white label)
  • Flight tickets are performed by permanent service airlines and/or low cost airlines
  • Net pricing of which you can determine your own margin
  • All hotel suppliers in one eye blink, including the cheapest accommodations
  • Car rental, transfers, cruises and other products of the most significant rental organizations
  • Administration and IT will be case of Vuelandia, which means you will only get one invoice including all costs
  • We provide training and support for using the Vuelandia Travel Navigator, at a location chosen by you
  • Access to the widest network of Destination Management Companies (DCM’s) including direct contact to facilitate central payments, performed by Vuelandia.

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