Travel Tool

Vuelandia Travel Tool is a B2B web-based internet booking engine, specially developed for the travel industry, which makes it possible for travel agencies to book and maintain flights, hotels, transfers and car rental. The Travel Tool gives you the opportunity to book online, as well as contracting your own suppliers, and maintain mark-ups, transaction costs and commissions via the administration panel. Travel organizations are also given the opportunity to create a network of sub-agents who can use the Travel Tool, without having the specific knowledge of GDS.

A fully secured online payment system is integrated in Traveltool in order to give the agencies the possibility to sell all large airlines and low cost carriers, as well as our broad range of worldwide hotels, car rental and transfers.

The benefits of Vuelandia Travel tool:

  • Booking flights from all permanent service airlines as well as low cost airlines
  • Access to Vuelandia’s special prices for flight tickets
  • Possibility to implement your own prices, in other words: tour operating, cruise etc.
  • Possibility to reserve a sales option from service airlines
  • Possibility to print automatically (non-IATA)
  • Large offer of hotels
  • Large offer of car rental
  • Web based application can be used anywhere
  • Maintain your bookings including for example fees and mark-ups
  • Multilingual, like Dutch, Spanish, French and English
  • Can be used by IATA and non-IATA travel organizations.

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