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Vuelandia: the department store of the travel industry

Vuelandia delivers travel products to companies and entrepreneurs within the travel branch, and organizations that are willing to sell trips without being involved in this industry. Currently, Vuelandia is the biggest wholesaler within the travel industry with a modular principle at the heart of the organization. Vuelandia facilitates these products, which can also be consumed in combination with IT solutions that are self-designed by Vuelandia. Stock acquisition of diverse travel products like flight tickets, hotels and car rental are being performed by closely related suppliers. Therefore we can closely watch and respond to changes within the supply market. An additional advantage: travel agencies, operators and mobile travel agencies can sell travel products to the end consumer keeping their own margin in mind.

We are more than willing to talk with you! Our biggest challenges in reaching our goal is “No nonsense, can do mentality ” . We are led by technology innovation and concept development for travel business-cases.

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