Vuelandia, the wholesale of the travel industry stands for many years of experience when it comes down to delivering travel related technological products and services, worldwide. Since 2012, we have proven ourselves as prominent experts in designing and implementing online  booking tools, and of our own Vuelandia Travel Navigator, which can be fully customized. Moreover, Vuelandia is a dynamic ‘No nonsense’ facilitator in travel related travel products, – software and services. Our biggest challenges in reaching our goal “No nonsense, can do!” are technology innovation and concept development for travel business-cases.

We are proud of our first class support service and our customer relationships. We will make sure our products are and will always be up-to-date with the newest trends. So that you, as our customer, can stay ahead of competitors in this fast changing and innovative travel industry.

Our team

Our powerful team consist of strong individuals who each fulfil their own expertise, resulting in Vuelandia as a strong business partner. We deliver and implement anything and everything with a team consisting out of travel specialists, project managers and developers. We can promise you that no project will be too challenging for us. Whether it comes down to a small local travel agency, or an international corporation, we can help and guide you reaching your travel related goals. We do this in a no nonsense manner. No complex procedures or trajects, just close to the customer in an informal way. The customers demands will always be at the heart of the project.

Our Mission is:

“Mission Possible!”

  • We deliver Service Excellence;
  • We work with a “no nonsense” mentality;
  • We deliver the best quality;
  • We are driven by innovation;
  • We make use of our wide market knowledge
  • We are armed with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Non-IATA travel agencies / tour operators
  • IATA travel agencies / tour operators
  • Independent travel agents
  • Online Travel Retail
  • Corporate (business) Travel
  • Community Travel



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Meet the Management Team


Owner / Director

Mikel has a long track record in Corporate Business Travel. In his role as line manager of the largest Business Travel Centres in the Netherlands, he put the focus on a high level of service from his team and its clients. The starting point was “to meet customer needs, at the most favorable conditions and processes.” Mikel has in his career planning within the field of business travel, his knowledge subsequently utilized in a role as Manager of Corporate Sales. Here he advised companies on deploying as effectively and efficiently as possible of Business Travel Management.


Owner / Director

Through his years of experience as Key Account Manager and Pricing Analyst Danny is an expert in the complex tariff structure of the carriers. In the role of Key Account Manager, he is a major US carrier came into contact with many companies and has developed a broad understanding of the leisure and business travel segment. Due to its vast expertise is Danny guarantees the best deals and rates and the right concepts that fully answers the demand from the business partners of Vuelandia.


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)